The world is growing with technological innovations, and the internet makes the world a global village. Through the internet, we connect with people globally. We cannot only trade through the internet. Also, we can learn, earn, and share easily. Because due to the pandemic e-learning boom is coming into the international market. Education is not the right of an individual. Anyone can learn and earn only a gadget or internet connectivity makes it simple and easy. Now you can get a quality education in your comfort zone that never pan out before. Anyone can register themselves to become a tutor or student or both to learn and earn. In Pakistan, many websites are working as online learning marketplace. If you want to learn something and share your knowledge with others, you are at the right place.

Firstly, you should know about the best online learning & tutoring websites in Pakistan. We are discussing discrete online learning forums here that are helpful to opt for the best, whether you want to learn or earn.

Let us explore them in detail:


Udemy is an international online learning platform that offers 204k plus courses in 75 plus different languages. It is a profit base online platform where anyone can register as an instructor and share their knowledge with others in the comfort of their home. Anyone in the world can sign up here and learn whatever they want. Udemy offers a wide range of courses with qualified experts. Who are passionate forward their knowledge to others. Udemy courses will increase your productivity. You can reach your goal and earn better.


LinkedIn is an American online learning platform. They offer entrepreneurs, creative, and technology-related experts to share their knowledge through videos. It is a place where world-class experts make economic opportunities to make everyone more productive and successful.


DigiSkills is an initiative of the government of Pakistan in 2018 to make their youth able to compete for international standards. Millions of people are here to learn digital skills and be their boss to work from home.

They offer some online courses like;

  1. Digital Marketing
  2. Freelancing
  3. Virtual assistance
  4. Content writing
  5. Video animation
  6. Communication and soft skills
  7. Affiliate marketing etc.

Mama tutor

Mama tutor is an online learning platform introduced in Pakistan. It is working like an academy with surprising benefits. They offer academic learning, technical skills, test preparation, and much more thrilling from peerless experts. Now you do not need to go anywhere to learn and earn. We have an equal opportunity for both tutors and pupils. They can register here and find magnificent experts according to their needs and what they want to learn.

Online earning platforms in Pakistan


Coursera is an online learning platform that links with the world's best universities. They offer quality education to anyone that is affordable, convenient, and flexible. They offer free and paid courses to the pupils. Their certificates are a plus point for your resume.

They offer world-class quality education to anyone from anywhere in the world. Approximately 107 million pupils, companies, governments, and businesses come for online learning to increase productivity.


SkillShare is an online learning site designed in a way that anyone can teach online through videos. This website makes to overcome the gap in skill learning through technology. Anyone from anywhere in the world can come to their site and sign up for a free trial of one month and get access to quality education.

It is an equal opportunity for new learners or experts to enhance their proficiency and productivity to make a boom in online earnings.

Pakistan institute of computer and sciences

Pakistan institute of computer and sciences is an institute to facilitate the youth to learn technology and compete with the world. They offer indoor and online courses. Pics furnish tech –base courses and diplomas to increase the ratio of freelancers in Pakistan. And facilitate them to earn dollars from the comfort of their homes which is helpful to increase the foreign exchange in the country.

They offer paid and free courses as well. They also give the government of Pakistan-approved certificates as an incentive for the CV to show your proficiency in the technology field.

Virtual university

The virtual university is the first Pakistani university based on information and communication technologies. They offer higher education without discrimination against any student. Their degrees are valid all over the world.

Anyone can easily access their lectures on YouTube videos and DVDs. The university is under the federal government and offers advanced education at an affordable price. Through virtual university, anyone can complete their studies with a job or occupation.

Noon academy

It is an international online learning platform working in eight different countries. They offer paid or free study for the students. Anyone can sign in for free and get assistance in any subject. They provide world-class experts to their pupils.

It is just an academy to help the pupils in their academic careers. Noon academy offers live sessions as well as recorded lectures. Any pupil can easily access the recorded session. 


In a nutshell, here we discuss some online learning platforms working in Pakistan that offer different types of learning to pupils. Every learning app has its benefits and drawbacks. You can opt for the best for you according to your requirements. Moreover, if anyone wants assistance in an academic career, technical skills, and creativity, you can register to become a tutor at the first online tutoring site mama tutor, which brings many things under one platform with world-class experts. You can take a free trial class and choose the best for you.

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